Saturday, January 25, 2014

Riccardo Tisci for Nike Unveiled

RICCARDO TISCI has unveiled his debut collection for Nike - four pairs of trainers based upon the sport brand's most celebrated style, the Air Force 1. The collection will launch first in white from March 1, then in black on April 1.
Of course, these aren't just any trainers - Tisci, creative director at Givenchy, has created a mid-calf and knee-high style, with colourful detailing decorating the signature swoosh. This is the first time that the designer - who is known for his finely crafted couture-like collections - has collaborated with a high-street label.

"The shoe is universal yet somehow very personal," said Tisci. "I travel all over the world, and I see people wearing the Air Force 1, and they wear it in so many different ways. And so I was thinking, what is the essence of the Air Force 1? And how do I take that essence and make my own statement? For me the Air Force 1 is not about gender, it's not about a particular city, nor is it about a certain style. The community decides. It's democratic. It's love."


  1. I love this! I want these trainers! Thank you for following me too. Following you right back xx


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