Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Big Reveal

Sarah Jessica Parker has finally unveiled her debut footwear collection in full for the first time. The range launches exclusively at American department store Nordstrom on February 28.


Sarah Jessica Parker sonunda ilk ayakkabı koleksiyonunu çıkardı. Koleksiyon 28 Şubat'ta Amerikalı Nordstrom mağazalarında satışa çıkacak.


  1. the 2nd 4th and 8th shoe!.. nice!

  2. The minty green sandals in the first photo are so cute!

  3. It seems like shoes are not only Carrie Bradshaw's favorite, it's SJP's as well!
    This collection looks good in general, but a few of them, especially the navy blue one, look out-dated!
    Good effort! SJP

    Elysian Mind

  4. Amazing! It was only a matter of time

  5. I would say "Manolo Blahnik inspiration", especially for the first two. :) The first ones, the turquoise, are my favorites.
    Have a fabulous week ahead!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  6. That is really exciting! I love Sarah Jessica Parker!

  7. I had expected more from this collection! The designs are a bit oldfashioned.

    x Karen

  8. Amazing! I had no idea she was having a shoe line! The first two are mine! Yum! Have a great one! -Iva


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