Friday, July 12, 2013

Zuhair Murad Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Collection

The Autumn/Winter collection of Zuhair Murad was presented at the Paris Couture Fashion Week, a few days ago. Even though I didn't write about this event, I couldn't resist because I had to show the designs of Zuhair Murad to you. My favorite designer Zuhair Murad absolutely left his mark with his collection in this event. I love each and every one of his designs, It was really hard for me to choose photos, and without boring you, I leave you with these beatiful collection photos. And I await your comments ;)


Geçtiğimiz günlerde yapılan Paris Couture Fashion Week'te Zuhair Murad'ın da Sonbahar Kış koleksiyonu tanıtıldı. Genel olarak bu etkinlikle ilgili yazı yazmamama rağmen Zuhair Murad'ın tasarımlarını sizlerle paylaşmamaya dayanamadım ve yazmaya karar verdim. En beğendiğim tasarımcı olan Zuhair Murad yeni koleksiyonuyla da kesinlikle bu etkinliğe damga vuran isim oldu. Her bir tasarımını yine ayrı ayrı çok beğendim. Buraya fotoğraf seçip koymak gerçekten inanılmaz zor oldu benim için. Sizleri daha fazla sıkmadan bu güzel koleksiyon fotoğraflarıyla baş başa bırakıyorum. Ayrıca yorumlarınızı da şimdiden merakla bekliyorum ;)


  1. Oh those dresses are just beautiful!

  2. Wow, it really seems as though the designer took inspiration from trees--I can't help but see the branches of trees peeking out in the bodices of the dresses. My favorite has to be the plum one with a plunging neckline and criss cross straps. Thanks for following me on bloglovin'!


  3. Such a gorgeous collection! I couldn't possibly choose my favorite. It's all gorgeous and the great thing is that it's all so wearable, perfect for the red carpet!

  4. Such beautiful draping and use of color...many of the dresses are ethereal and truly tout the feminine form. The attention to the smallest detail is apparent on each gown. I also applaud the absence of jewelry. It allows each piece to stand on it's own and not have to compete for the eye's attention. I love this collection! Thank you for sharing.


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