Saturday, September 14, 2013

OCÉOPIN Maritime Pine Seed Oil

Hello to all of my dear followers! With this post, I would like to introduce a French luxury brand, "Océopin"
 with you. 

The maritime pine is a fine, slender tree which grows in the sandy soils along the southern Atlantic beaches of France. Its fruit - pine cones - are harvested each year throughout the extensive forests then opened naturally in order to release the precious seeds they contain. Maritime pine seed virgin oil is extracted by an initial cold pressing process, which makes it a luxurious 100% natural oil.

The cosmetic innovation of maritime pine seed oil stems from the nobility of its origins and the unique combination of its performance. A complete vegetable active ingredient, it offers a huge number of targeted benefits, making this a precious ingredient for high-end natural formulations. Maritime pine seeds contain over 70% of essential fatty acids – major factors in the renewal of cells and the maintaining of the skin’s elasticity and barrier function. Naturally steeped in vitamin E and phytosterols, rich with anti-oxidizing and revitalizing virtues, it is further characterized by a high concentration in polyphenols.

The combination of all these features gives maritime pine seed oil a very wide spectrum of action, one that is recommended most notably forrestructuring and general antiaging skincare treatments.  


After cleansing, massage 3 drops of L’HUILE DE GRAINES DE PIN MARITIME® evenly into your face, beginning at the neck, as a serum.
Apply daily, morning and/or night.

You can shop from their site, they have INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Thanks to OCÉOPIN for sending me a sample of this great oil, and I will further share my experience with you :)

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