Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trend - Boyfriend Coats

One of the most prominent trends of this winter is boyfriend coats. These coats that look like they are oversize are very loved by fashionistas, I see these on many people. I really like these coats when they are combined with chelsea boots and cut out boots which are two of the other trends of this season. They look beatiful also with boyfriend jeans in my opinion. Other than these, they are mostly worn with beanies as accesories. Actually, they have a style that not everyone could be brave to wear them. Even though I do not prefer them, I find them very cool when they are combined right. What do you think about this trend? I await your comments ;)


Bu kışın en öne çıkan trendlerinden biri de Boyfriend paltolar. Üstünüzde bir kaç beden büyük duran bu paltolar moda tutkunları tarafından çok sevilmiş gibi, oldukça fazla kişide görüyorum ben bu paltoları. Yine sezon trendlerinden olan chelsea botlar ve cut out botlarla kombinlenince beğeniyorum bu paltoları. Boyfriend jeanlerle de yine güzel duruyorlar bence. Bunlar dışında genelde bereler aksesuar olarak kullanılıyo bu paltolarla. Açıkçası herkesin giymeye cesaret edemeyeceği bir tarzları var. Ben de giymeyi tercih etmesem de doğru kombinlenince çok havalı buluyorum bu paltoları. Peki siz ne düşünüyorsunuz bu trend hakkında? Yorumları bekliyorum;)


  1. I love oversize coats... although I feel like they should be worn with slim fitting jeans to balance the proportions!

  2. I love boyfriend coats! They look great pretty much on anyone. I love the classic vibe. Also, it really doesn't matter what your style is, it goes in any closet :)
    Great post!!

    Let me know what you think about my latest outfit post if you have a sec! x

  3. Great post. I think I prefer a coat a bit more fitted though.

  4. Hi there! Love your pictures they are really inspiring! I love boyfriend style coats I wouldn't be without mine!

  5. I ADOREEE this coat trend! the boyfriend coat just looks so chic and easy going and mainly comfortable!
    I've treated myself to a gorgeous and somewhat out of my budget zara parka this year, but if I hadn't I'd have oe of these *_*
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  6. I like oversized coats but they look better on tall girls ...and the cut boots.
    I am looking to buy a pair these days..I can t decide myself which

  7. Oooh, I love this. I agree with Monica though, I'm thinking I might not be able to pull it off as well due to being vertically challenged... I definitely feel inspired to give it a try though.

  8. I like them and I want one but thrifted.

  9. I love boyfriend coats, definitely my favourite way to keep warm this winter :) B x

  10. Love the trend! I got a dark red one myself :)


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