Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trend - Oxford Shoes // Kösele

I know it's too late for writing this post but my reason for doing so is that I still cannot accept this trend. And acceptance does not mean I like it :) These masculine shoes trend is the trend of this season that I like least and that I would never wear. Also, I do not think it looks chic people who wear these, but there a few combinations that I think of as "not bad". I find them ok when they are worn with boyfriend jeans, and with mini leather skirts. I am really curious about your comments about this trend ;)


Biliyorum bu yazıyı yazmak için fazla geç oldu ama bu kadar geç yazmamın nedeni bir türlü bu trendi kabullenememiş olmamdı. Tabi kabullenmiş olmam da sevdiğim anlamına gelmiyor:) Bu sezon bana en uzak ve asla giymeyeceğim bir trend bu maskülen ayakkabılar. Giyenlere de hiç yakıştıramamakla birlikte çok nadir fena değil dediğim kombinler oluyor. Genellikle boyfriend jeanlerle giyilince kabul edilebilir buluyorum bu ayakkabıları bir de mini deri eteklerle.Sizin bu trend hakkındaki görüşleriniz neler yorumları çok merak ediyorum;)


  1. I actually love this trend! However, I do agree that it seems to only suit some people. It's not as easy as it looks to pull off...
    Knowing me I'll give it a try anyway! ha ha ha


  2. Nice street inspiration !

  3. i love it on others, but when i look down on my own feet with them on... nope.

  4. I don't think oxford shoes can make someone look chic, but cute it is :) heheh

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  5. I agree, it is a hard trend to pull off! Looks good on some people, but I'm not brave enough to try it!


  6. I love this trend! I have a pink pair and I am now on the look for the perfect black and white one

  7. I love me some brogues! I disagree with you though on the boyfriend jeans combo. I think that because they are quite a masculine shoe, it's best to offset them with skinny jeans, tights + dress/skirt/shorts or even without the tights. Wide leg trousers or bootcut jeans I feel make them drab and boring. Also, if you notice in the photos in the post, the ones that look best are not overwhelmed by any hems - that's the trick :) so even with some trousers you have to roll them up a bit. I have a couple of brogues and another pair that very well could be and I love all three! Having said that, the traditional brogue doesn't suit me so I have basically looked for toned down versions - eg, with some tassels or I've seen some colourful ones that look adorable.

    Think you'll give them a try? (btw I wrote a lot! sorry!)



  8. Of course a pair of heels is the best but I quite like this trend, it's a nice contrast to the feminine outfits they are paired with!

  9. I'm not a huge fan of this trend either! It might look good on others but I'm not going to try it out myself.

    x Karen

  10. Something new for me. Thank you for this post! good luck!



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